Feeling Lost?


Brook in field Just as a mother hen has to tend to her eggs so that they may hatch, we too must tend to our hearts and bodies so that they may flourish.

I'm one of those people who easily gets caught up in my thoughts and analyzing matters to the point where I get lost. Sometimes my thinking is useful, and at other times it just seems to get in my way . It manifests either as confusion or physical pain in my body. I can't seem to relax, I'm agitated constantly, or feeling needy or lost. I can’t stand feeling this way. All of a sudden living and relationships become difficult…which makes me feel even more lost, etc.

The thing is, is that I know what it feels like in my body, to be of and in myself - there’s this sense of deep inner peace and joy; I feel secure in my own body and world…

Let me just note here that being centered and in alignment with myself does not mean I don’t experience the wide range of human emotions.  I do!  But in this state of feeling at one with myself, I can experience the emotions fully and easily allow them to move on -- that's inner peace to me!  I’m not trapped by them like quicksand or thick mud — which is what happens when I get too caught up in my mind.

Over the years I have learned a few things that help me get out of the mud and the quicksand, when it happens. Because it just does, right?

  1. Remember that feelings are just that — feelings.  Yes, feelings/emotions are a great indicator of when something may be off - like the red warning light on your dashboard.  And...if you knew those were just emotions, how would you think about things differently? Just the simple act of asking myself that question changes everything, because the negative feelings usually just dissipate.
  2. Talk to someone you respect and trust. For me, this is my sister. She knows me better than anyone else and listens with her heart and speaks with gentle authority.
  3. Journal. I think this is definitely crucial if you don’t have someone to talk to. Writing your thoughts and feelings out allows for a one on one conversation of sorts, that you wouldn’t get just by ruminating over things in your head.
  4. Move your body. For me this looks like yoga, going for a hike, or dancing full out. The issues may be in the tissues, and sometimes just a little movement can help move things out!
  5. Take time to sit still in a quiet space.  For me this usually includes a few deep breaths to help me relax and then I focus on something that fills my heart with love and joy…and just let that radiate out for awhile until I can sense it fill and surround me.

These are the top methods I use to find myself and my serenity.  Yours may be completely different — drawing, gardening, eating a clean diet, reading a favorite book, getting a massage… If you don’t know what yours is, start experimenting!  Here at Wellness Within we have many modalities to choose from, and many others to connect with who are going through the same journey as you.

We are here for you that you may more fully participate in life!

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