Essential Oils for Wellness


3472330960_0a2982bae9_z In addition to a mindfulness practice, eating well, and exercising, essential oils can be a great resource for wellness and serenity.

This month we are honored to have a guest speaker come and share her knowledge of these powerful oils and how they can help transform you wellness regime.

What are essential oils?

Simply put, essential oils are the distilled life blood of a plant. The leaves, flowers, roots, stems, bark, needles, leaves, and/or resin…whatever part of the plant carries medicinal properties is the part distilled to extract the oil.

As stated in 'Vibrational Raindrop Technique,' “Essential oils perform many functions in plants as well as in people.  They assist metabolism, act as types of hormones and ligands, fight off infections by viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, and always work towards maintaining balance, or homeostasis, within the plant or person.”

How do essential oils work?

Without getting too technical, essential oils are composed of hundreds of very tiny compounds, which give the molecules their aromatic effect: they diffuse in the air and stimulate our sense of smell through Cranial Nerve 1.

Most essential oils also contain sesquiterpenes, which allow them to pass through our blood brain barrier. This barrier protects our brains from exposure to toxins. Sesquiterpenes carry oxygen into the cells all over the body, including the brain. This affects the pituitary and pineal glands – major players in our hormone regulation, and the amygdala – where we store emotional trauma.

Essential oils can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, or taken internally to uplift and balance emotional states, enhance physical wellness, refine skin, deepen spiritual awareness, and purify body and home.

Want to experience them for yourself and learn more about them. Join us on January 24, 2015 at 11am for our Essential Oils for Wellness talk! There will be plenty of oils to sniff and experience, as well as other fun surprises!