Our Mission:

Enhancing the quality of life FOR those affected by cancer


Our Programs

Wellness Within is here for you. We offer opportunities for those affected by cancer to learn about and practice wellness. We foster a warm, caring, respectful and inclusive environment that is a safe space to be with your emotions and be supported by others who understand the challenges of cancer. Whether you are actively experiencing cancer treatment, have recently overcome cancer or are supporting a person dealing with cancer, Wellness Within’s doors are open for support.


healing movement

Feel how movement can profoundly heal trauma to the mind and body. Movement strengthens and supports almost every system in our bodies, enabling optimal healing. Putting your body in motion helps you release tension, clear stress, combat fatigue, and reconnect with your body. Classes are adaptive to varying energy levels suitable for all participants.

therapeutic art

Explore verbal and nonverbal languages of your soul through creative media. Collaging, painting, writing, drawing, music, dance and knitting bring emotional release and self-awareness, leading us to be more emotionally available, and experience reductions in anxiety, stress, fear, fatigue and pain. Enjoy expressive arts in a non-judgmental environment focused on discovery and joy.

meditation & mindfulness

Experience serenity. Our ongoing meditation and iRest classes offer those with cancer, after cancer, and support persons learn tools to effectively manage pain, stress, moods, fatigue, sleep and overall well-being. Walk away from these classes feeling relaxed, and equipped with mindfulness techniques to address stressors brought by cancer.

nutrition & Cooking

Discover how nutrition can boost your immune system and support optimal energy and health. We focus on strategies to reduce risk of cancer development or growth, address side-effects of chemotherapy, manage your diet after diagnosis, all without sacrificing taste. Classes may include a healthy meal or a live demonstration of food prep methods.



Suzi Rupp



Get Involved

Cancer knows no bounds. You undoubtedly know someone impacted by cancer, and are familiar with the upheaval it causes. Wellness Within is a space for the community –moms, dads, sons, daughters, friends and colleagues like yours– made possible by our community– foundations, businesses, and individuals like you. Your involvement ensures that our doors stay open for years to come.


Make a Donation

Your financial support sustains our programs. Every contribution, $10 to $5,000, is a tremendous support. One-time, monthly, and corporate sponsorship options are available.

Volunteer opportunities

Your time and talents can make a difference! Volunteer opportunities include stand-alone events and ongoing roles at the center.

spread the word

Know someone in need of our services? Or someone working with cancer patients who might send them our way? Help families find our programs by spreading the word.


Our Impact

In 2010 we realized the need for an organization where cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and family members could access services to help with the effects of cancer treatment. Recognizing that one of the significant stressors of a cancer diagnosis is the increased costs related to treatment (as well as the frequent loss of work), Wellness Within was founded on the principle that all of its services would be free to those who need them. To this day, all of the programming is offered on a pay-as-you-can basis to ensure accessibility. No one is turned away.


families served

Though an individual may walk through our doors, a family is served. When someone experiences less stress, pain and fear, and more joy and peace, their love ones are impacted as well.



Years Serving the community

Since our founding, our class offerings have continued to expand, our community has grown, and our reach has multiplied. We continue to ask, “how can we serve families in the throes of cancer?”



classes per month

Meditation, iRest, yoga, qigong, therapeutic art, mindfulness, pain management, cooking and more. While we don’t focus on support groups, but supportive groups are found in every setting.