The Side Effect Tango


"I have attended a few events at Wellness Within and I admire the work you do. I'm currently getting chemotherapy, and the side effects are tough to take, as I'm sure you know... I'm experiencing some recovery (especially from the cancer). One area of recovery has been in my creativity." golden_eyes_peacock

The Side Effect Tango

Sometimes I dance Sometimes I moan Sometimes I laugh Sometimes I groan

Sometimes I'm joyous Sometimes I'm sleepy The energy swings Are silly but creepy

When the trap door slams shut So my brain cannot function I'm stuck in the gridlock At Chemotherapy Junction

My tummy can't tell If it's hungry or not My body can't tell If I'm cold or I'm hot

The best times are happy And blessed with good cheer But they fade in the face Of the doubt and the fear

I'm tired of playing This grim Victim role Let the cancer be vanquished All cells loving and whole

Let it all be successful Let it be worth the fight Let me walk through the Valley Into the Light

Let me dance past the precipice Sing past the dirge Let the challenge of ebb tide Become a great surge

Blessings and Love, Susan Nichols