Life in a Tree


IMAG3711-1In the expressive art process we use the symbol of the tree as a representation of our human form. The Tree is not drawn or painted to look like a tree in our physical world, but to mirror our body, mind, and spiritual growth. This is to aid our understanding of self on a deeper level. When we think of a tree, we think of three basic areas: roots, trunk, and branches. This would translate to the art maker as past, present, and future. As we look at the beginning of a tree, we see a life code, a potential for life that has been passed down from generation to generation. This potential for life reaches up for light and out and down for nutrition and grounding. We all have seen tiny trees grow beyond many physical limitations. They can move mountains to reach for the sun. They carry scars of past injuries. There are lost limbs, and history is written physically, on the way to maturity. No matter what occurs, the tree leans towards the light and life. There is such beauty in the recovery of a tree, a strength we all marvel at, because we wish we could be relentlessly reaching for life.

What we miss out on in our daily life, is the fact that each tree is like an apartment complex. The ground floor is home and hearth to any number of creatures. The second level contains most of the life we can see from our windows .There are scrub jays and squirrels fighting over a tasty acorn, or any number of avian marvels dashing about. There are nests for new generations being built; fruit ripening on the branches, and leaves, like open hands, reaching for light and moisture.

A tree is creative growth. A tree is a wonderful beacon for humans to be drawn to for inspiration on healing, adaptation to obstacles in life, and above all, the host and care of other life. On our metaphoric level, we ask the question; how do I grow? What fruit do I bare? What do I reach for in my life? Are your branches preparing to bare the sweet bounty of a shared harvest?  This is the time of year where an opportunity arises for you to look deeply into your soul and draw, paint, write, your tree of life. See where you have been, and what wounds need your attention. Manifest what you will grow and share with your community.

Wellness Within invites you to get creative, and insightful in your new year. Please watch for tree of life artwork exhibited in the near future, and join us Thursday evenings to learn more about expressive art.