Introducing iRest


iRest® is a guided meditation which consists of breath awareness, progressive muscle relaxation & mindfulness. It’s a process that is designed to help people to deeply relax and resolve symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety, fear, depression, chronic pain, post traumatic stress and a host of other things that we experience as human beings. As we learn and strengthen the skills in deep relaxation, we will learn how to stay relaxed even during an intense experience. This training is a practice of self awareness, self inquiry, self acceptance, and developing a mind body connection.  It is carried out and learned through guidance and repeated practice.  We highly recommend you commit to 4-8 weeks of iRest® to experience the full benefits.

Interested in attending a class? No experience needed! Simply come with an open mind and follow directions. You can experience this class sitting down on a chair or lying down on a yoga mat on the floor. Wear comfortable clothing.  To register for a class visit our online calendar or email Iram directly at

Meet Iram Khan

Iram is an iRest® instructor and a registered yoga teacher. Iram Khan

Iram loves to teach iRest classes to people who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety and stress. Herself living a busy life, she wondered how in today’s hectic world does one find and achieve deep relaxation when it is needed most? The answer came to her when she personally experienced and benefited from iRest/yoga Nidra. That led her to explore and study this meditative practice of conscious sleep. She has come to the conclusion that if we can unwind our mind, we can heal our body.

Iram loves to spend time with her family and friends. She loves animals, nature and enjoys camping and hiking. She listens to world music and likes to travel, explore and appreciate diverse cultures. Her favorite words are “breathe, relax, smile and enjoy….”