A Sacred Circle


Each Friday at Noon a few of us gather, circled around a candle, and relax into the tranquil, internal paradise of deep meditation.  We find a peaceful sanctuary from the daily troubles and cares. Meditation is, among other things, a process of focusing our awareness away from the known.  We focus on something that is separate from our conventional ways of explaining the world to ourselves.   Meditation coaxes our attention away from our ego-centered thinking (all of our thoughts) and fixes our attention onto something that has no usual or traditional meaning.  (Such as a mantra).

What happens when we free our minds in this way?  We are released from the wrestling match of fear, doubt, judgment, and self-criticism.  We are freed from the suffering.  We experience freedom from the very anguish that has imprisoned us for so many years.  We find a peaceful attentiveness. And we find a natural loving-kindness that supports all consciousness.  Some would say that we find union with the sacred.

Come join our Mindfulness Meditation class and examine the teachings of the Buddha, Lao Tsu (The Tao De Ching), Ramana Maharshi and many other masters concerning the most intimate knowledge of Spirit.  We also examine our own experiences with meditation.  Each class involves at least one meditation technique, followed by a short group discussion.

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