Insight Meditation


Insight meditation, or Vipassana, is perhaps the Buddha’s most important teaching in self-liberation. It is the practice of mindfulness – cultivating a clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness of all experiences in life. While most forms of meditation reduce stress and bring calmness and clarity of mind, Insight meditation also extends our deeper awareness to all aspects of life and dissolves the barriers to a full development of wisdom and compassion. We are honored to have Dave Judd and Susan Whitaker heading up our new Insight Meditation Program.  To experience this form of meditation, please attend the first class on Saturday, March 23rd- a mini workshop introducing this powerful method.

During following classes we will engage in the basic practices of insight meditation.  We first focus on the basics of meditation and on mindfulness of breathing. We then explore mindfulness of the body and expand our focus to include all our physical experiences. We will introduce mindfulness of feelings and emotions. During the latter stages of the class we explore mindfulness of the mind and thinking. Ultimately, we focus on the role of mindfulness in daily life and in deepening one’s spiritual life.

About Dave Judd:

Dave Judd studied Philosophy (Asian Thought) in San Diego, California. He was a Chinese Linguist in the Army. He is a retired attorney and Administrative Law Judge. His interest in meditation and eastern philosophy blended with many years of practice in the martial arts. He received training in teaching meditation from John Travis, guiding teacher of Mountain Stream Meditation Center, and completed a one-year Buddhist Chaplaincy program at the Sati Center in Redwood City, California. Dave is now a chaplain, meditation teacher, yoga instructor and hospice volunteer in Auburn, California. He was previously a Stephen Minister (lay Christian ministry) in Davis, California. Dave’s Buddhist practice blends the skills and insights from the Buddhist chaplaincy, Stephen Ministry, and hospice, as he serves our greater Buddhist community.