Feb Breathing Space


By Susan Whitaker “The power of yoga is the ability to stand up when we don’t think we can, to move through what feels insurmountable, and to transcend difficulties with breath and acceptance.” ~Cora Wen

Please join me today in this guided meditation, to bring you peace and soothe your heart:

Place your hands gently on your heart. Allow your eyes to relax or close, and deepen your breath. Relax the muscles of your jaw. Sense into the body, the quietness of your heartbeat, the moving pictures of the mind, the underlying current of your emotions. Open to the variety of impressions that you receive through your heightened sense of hearing.  Settle into the center of yourself, finding a place of stillness and ease. Be aware of the slow rhythm of your breath, like a gentle wind moving through the body and mind.  Feel how the breath fills the chest, the upper back, moves out into the ribs, and down into the belly. Exhale as slowly as you inhale. Now, allow yourself to move slowly from side to side, feeling your weight shift in your chair or onto your feet. Send your attention to the foundation of the body, your feet and legs, and imagine rooting deeper into the earth. Just as a tree sways in the wind without being uprooted, you are able to sense into your own strength and the support of the ground below you. As you continue breathing, begin to sigh with every exhalation, perhaps making a sound of letting go. Let the warmth of your hands support your tender heart. Notice how the movement, breath, and relaxation create a space of acceptance for how you are feeling right now. Know that you are fully in this moment, in this body, and in this experience. Invite a sense of well-being for whatever is going on in your life right now.

When you feel ready, stop swaying and sit with your hands resting down in your lap or by your sides. Sit quietly with any emotions or thoughts that may arise, knowing that in this moment, right now, all is well. Open your eyes, stretch, and continue on with your day.