Whom do you love?

Whom do you love?  Truly?  Of course you’ll say your spouse/significant other, your kids, your siblings, their kids, your parents — especially your mom…  But who else? Who is the friend whom you’ve known forever, and even if you two don’t talk as often as you should, you know you can trust her with your life?  Who makes you smile?  Who makes you laugh?  Who can you always depend on to invite you over when your family is too far away to share a holiday meal?  Who is the friend who encourages you to be more than you think you can be, and makes you push yourself just to meet her expectations?  Who is that person who listens to you without interrupting?  Who sends you a card or gives you a gift when you least expect it?  Who is the one who holds you accountable and doesn’t let you get away with crap just to avoid confrontation.  Who is the person you admire from afar, or from close-up, who makes you stand a little taller with your shoulders back, chin up, and hope for tomorrow.  Who is that person who you feel you’ve known forever, even if you haven’t?  Who is that person who reminds you of what’s really important in life?  And who makes you think, “I want to be like … when I ‘grow up’”?

Now that you’ve had a chance to answer those questions, here’s another one.  When is the last time you told that person, “I love you”?

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