Why do Yoga with Cancer?

I think we can safely say that Spring is well on its way.  Nature is encouraging you to awaken and yoga is a supportive path for that process. Yoga brings such beauty and meaning to our lives. It awakens our sense of connection and joy. In fact, yoga is in all the things we think, speak or do, so if you're paying attention, it's hard not to do yoga!

I hope you will join us for a gentle yoga class to help awaken and comfort your body for the new season that awaits you.

In namaste,


The quotes below speak eloquently to my belief about the effectiveness of yoga as a healing modality during and after cancer.

"Yoga classes taught specifically for people affected by cancer are becoming increasingly common. These classes not only teach yoga, but may also serve as a great place to find camaraderie from others who are in a similar situation."

"There are promising scientific study results supporting yoga as an intervention to improve psychological symptoms and quality of life in people with cancer.

A study of 410 cancer survivors reported an improvement in sleep quality and reduced fatigue in participants who practiced yoga twice a week for four weeks as compared with those in standard care... Studies of yoga conducted in other populations may have beneficial effects on many aspects of general physical functioning such as reducing blood pressure, blood glucose level, cholesterol and inflammatory responses."  ~ Stephanie Jean Sohl, PhD, RYT