Self-Hypnosis Featured at Upcoming Sacramento Retreat


When you think of the word “hypnosis,” what comes to mind? Is it a show with people clucking like chickens? Do the participants seem to lose control? Does it seem scary? Well, if Gayle Rideout has anything to say about it, myths around the practice of hypnosis would be replaced with an understanding that hypnosis can be used to gain self-control and assist with self-empowerment.  Hypnosis techniques can help someone dealing with major adversities, such as cancer, to regain a sense of control over their lives.

Rideout will be leading the Hypnosis session of the Wellness Within Cancer Support Services retreat on March 29 at the Clara Auditorium in Sacramento. The certified clinical hypnotherapist is experienced in providing beneficial tools to deal with stress, anxiety and restoring a feeling of calm in difficult times.

Rideout is a cancer survivor of 18 years, and brings experience that is especially suited to help empower cancer patients.

“My own survivorship helps me to relate to other survivors as someone who has gone through this journey, understanding that we are not a diagnosis, we are people with full lives, before, during and after a cancer diagnosis,” she said. “Each person reacts to a diagnosis in their own way. It is my desire that through hypnosis I can provide the tools necessary to benefit them on their journey.”

Self-hypnosis is one of three workshops that will be highlighted in this daylong Sacramento retreat. Wellness Within is located in Roseville, however serves cancer patients, their families and caregivers throughout the region and brings a variety of educational experiences to Sacramento up to three times a year. The retreat also will feature Mindfulness and QiGong (Chinese Yoga).

As with all of Wellness Within classes and workshops, no prior experience is required and there is no charge to attend (though registration is required). The retreat and the lunch provided to all participants are possible through a grant from the Kelly Foundation.

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About Wellness Within Cancer Support Services

Wellness Within Cancer Support Services is a nonprofit offering support services for patients, survivors, caregivers and families coping with the stress of cancer.