Heads Up On Hair Loss


  turbanwomanYou just realized you are going to lose your hair. Take a deep breath.

You are not alone. The fear of hair loss can be one of the most upsetting aspects of medical care. Your best weapon against your fear is to know what to expect and being prepared. The more you can prepare for each likely event, the less negative emotional impact it will have on you when it happens.

It is also your chance to get creative. You have the choice of whether hair loss will strip you of your identity, or give you a clean canvas for you to discover another level of your unique strength and beauty.

When making choices considering how to approach hair loss, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you want to cover just enough to protect your head or do you want to completely disguise your hair loss?
  • What is your personality? Conservative? Free Spirited? Outrageous?Does it vary based on your mood or the occasion?
  • Do you stick to basics and want something that will go with everything?
  • Are you “good with your hands” and feel you’d be able to tie scarves?
  • What is your lifestyle going to be like during treatment? Will you need styles for various occasions (work, exercise, special events) or will most of your time be spent at home or in the hospital?
  • Do you tend to be hot... or cold?

You can’t control whether or not you will lose your hair, but you can learn to control your point of view and how you will handle each step along the way.

Losing your hair is so unfair, especially on top of everything else you are facing.

As you travel this surreal journey through cancer treatment, you will learn new things about yourself and the people in your life - and know there are those here to help you find ways to not only adapt, but also feel good about yourself in the process.

©Laurie Andreoni, Turban Diva Designs

 For more in depth information on care for hair loss, attend Laurie Andreoni’s guest talk at Wellness Within on May 21st and/or download a free copy of The Turban Diva’s ebook: Heads Up on Hair Loss: 12 Tips for Head to Toe Care and Coverings.

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