Deepening Our Spiritual Connections

mountains The Sacred Let me begin by saying that I define spirituality as the process of creating relationship with what we hold to be sacred. By ‘sacred’ I do not mean something set apart but something inclusive of and interactive with the everyday; something held dear; something to be respected, revered, treasured and protected. In this definition the sacred winds through the ordinary and the everyday as a life force I call spirit.

There are four fundamental components to deepening one’s spiritual connections.  They are stillness, silence, space, and surrender.


Stillness Let’s face it, we’re all moving too fast in life, and we’re paying attention to things that distract us from ourselves, one another and the sacred.  Stillness is about slowing down.  The busier we are, the farther we are from tapping into our ability to connect to our own inner stillness and the Spirit that surrounds us.  When we slow down and create space, we begin to glimpse those spiritual connections we seek.


Silence To really set the stage for deepening our spiritual connections we have to create space for silence.   It is important to recognize the power of silence.  Perhaps you set aside five minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes per day to be still in silence. Without silence, it is very difficult to recognize the gifts of the Spirit that are offered to us.  Without silence it is very difficult to recognize those precious moments when we deepen a spiritual connection.


Space In our daily lives we recognize the importance of the space around us and how our surroundings affect us. As we slow down in silence we need to create a space where we can be truly still and silent; feeing safe to glimpse and hopefully have a moment of clarity and transformation by the Spirit.  So create a private space; perhaps it is a special chair, a corner, or a spot out in nature that you claim as your sacred space.


Surrender Surrender requires gentleness, patience, and non-judgment. Surrender would have us relinquish all attachment to how our encounters should play out, how events should unfold, and how our experiences should progress. Surrender is simply a state of being as opposed to an act of doing.


Simply by sitting each and every day, cultivating the stillness, silence, space, and surrender that allows our experiences to unfold; is how we can open ourselves to deepening our spiritual connections that bring a sense of peace and wholeness into our lives.


Jackie facilitates a 7 week group session on deepening spiritual connections at Wellness Within on a regular basis. Please keep an eye out on the calendar for the next series.