Experimenting with Meditation Techniques

“Meditation is a technique for bringing us into the present moment and the experience of living in that moment, free from anxiety about the past or apprehension about the future.” -James S. Gordon, MD


Meditation is my sanity, my secret sauce for staying grounded in this fast paced and demanding life...and for remembering me amidst the bling and chaos of our society. I know this, because whenever I stop for a period of time, I feel more anxious in my body and lost and confused. Decisions become harder to make and worry wells up. Which is why I do my best to not go too long without engaging in some meditation form - of which there are many! And thank goodness, because I haven't always enjoyed meditation; it took a few tries and experimenting with several techniques to finally find my magic methods.

You do not have to sit quietly for an hour to experience the benefits of meditation; techniques range from passive to active.   There is no right or wrong way to meditate.  Play around with it - let your mood, energy, resources, and personality guide you to the most effective method.  Try dancing full out to a favorite song, take a tai chi class, find some guided meditations that take you on a journey through your body or to another land, draw mandalas, or try one of my favorites below:

Heart Breaths - I adapted this method for myself from Heart Math Solution’s techniques. Think of something that makes your heart smile while focusing on your heart space and taking slow deep breaths.

Walking Meditation - The idea of this exercise is to simply walk slow.  Slower than a stroll.  Maybe even as slow as taking a step, pausing to reflect on how the pressure feels on you heels and in your hips, and then taking the next step and pausing again.

Shaking Meditation - Completely let go and shake your entire body for 5 - 15 minutes.  Follow with dancing and/or standing still.

Binural Beats - Listening to binaural beats works by playing two separate humming tones with a specific frequency in each ear. The frequency created between these two tones is a ‘binaural tone,' which can bring one into a more deep and relaxed state of mind.

For more techniques and free resources on meditation check out Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditations, Soft Belly Meditation from the Center of Mind Body Medicine, or Dr. Miller’s guided meditations.

I challenge you to experiment with 2-3 different meditation techniques this month - if only for 5 or 10 minutes each. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to meditate. The key is to simply find some method that allows you to find your calm center and be in the moment -- which may alter from day to day. Have fun with this, and see what new beauty arises in your heart and life.


Excerpts taken from TheGuide.