2015 Big Day Perspectives

"The BIG Day of Giving was a great day for Wellness Within! Beyond the financial impact, we grew so much in many other ways. We gained greater insight about the power of social media, reinforced our connections, broadened our donor base and created stronger collaborative relationships with partner organizations. The process of completing the GivingEdge profile brought into focus our strengths and goals as an organization. We are utilizing this tool to strengthen our 1-year and 5-year plans. Moving forward we have already incorporated the 8-week work plan format for our upcoming annual gala preparation. It has been transformational for our organization in gaining more clarity on steps needed to be taken to make a significant impact in health care in our region.”

– Patti Brown, Founder/Executive Director

original post at: http://www.sacregcf.org/about-us/e-news/big-day-2015-the-nonprofits-perspectives/