Creating Space

Louisiana 21014 032Do you ever wake up with the mind in overdrive? Do you have those relentless thoughts of “what if”? Some days it’s as though everything has collapsed in on itself and it seems that there’s no way out. In yoga, these are the times when we focus on the element of Space, which is another way of saying that we regain perspective. Space is the container of all elements: earth, air, water, and fire that are represented in the body as our bones, our breath, our fluids, and our digestion. Within Space, we get the perspective of seeing ourselves as a whole being, not just the thoughts or the body. We invite a sense of being limitless, connected, free, and infinite. It requires a change of mind and attitude, which are often under our control. If you can’t get there alone, it’s a sign to ask for some help. There are things in life that open you up, and there are things that shut you down. Take a look and see if this is true for you. Spacious openings:

  • Being in nature, daily if you can Laughing; funny movies, books, situations, and memories Gratitude for anything and everything Love for others and for yourself Feeling kindness and joy Feeling acceptance of what is Music and being creative Writing, journaling, painting drawing, and any creative effort The support of friends and family Something to look forward to Rest Yoga and meditation, tai chi and chi kung.

Things that are limiting and can shut you down:

  • Being in fear or anger Frustration and impatience High expectations Trying to do too much/ perfectionism Being in judgement of yourself or others Grief Pushing people away TV, news programs Staying inside Eating to numb feelings Thinking you’re alone

Just reading the list causes me to have different feelings in my heart. How about you? The next time the tyrannical mind takes over, pick some items from the “opening” list and try them out.

May you be open to what lifts your spirits and brings you peace.