Summer Season


It is another event of seasons. Wellness Within celebrates the change of season and the power of community , family, and friendship. We invite you to gather at the edge of our Lake Folsom and join hands to thank the powers for our life, our breath, and our hope. A hike, a group art piece, and cool water for dipping into is the plan. Celebrate another passage. Remember your childhood joy, and share a summer morning with us. art rock

Summer reminds me of all the childhood summer trips I took with my family. Hot car rides, strange destinations, but always, always a dip in the sea or lake of my father’s choice. Our summer travels were always to some body of water. This did two things. One, my father could escape to fish, and my mother could sit at the edge of the water and listen to the delighted screams of her water babies. Water entertained us all day, and into darkness if we were allowed. I was swimming before I could truly walk.... or at least my mother brags. What is it about water? This year it is precious to us, and on all our minds. A sweet companion to the sun’s heat, and the formula to a healthy garden. It is a delicate balance in the summer. But when we play in it all bets are off. Playing in the ocean or any body of water, has a magical effect of reducing us to a child, and play becomes effortless.

Gather with us to walk the Earth and create an earth art piece to celebrate the coming of summer and the art of play. We will be meeting at Wellness Within at 9am on Friday, June 20, to drive up to Folsom Lake. You can meet us at the site as well.  Please register and get the information you need.