The Spring Equinox at Wellness Within


Art by GaylaEven as the rain falls, we see the trees bursting with blossoms, and it’s just the end of February. Nature knows when spring is coming, even if the weather is absurd. Our area is breaking the winter slumber because the sun is turning to favor our side of the world. We of modern times call it spring; ancients called it the spring equinox. It is a constant reminder of the life, death, rebirth cycle of our living planet. It marks the time of winter’s end and life to be prepared to explode into the new season. Why is this important to us, with our cell phones and speeding lifestyles? Why do we need to mark this day when our linear calendar does it for us? Why care at all?

I believe we need to honor the rhythms of the land we walk, just as our ancestors did before us. In doing so, we realize there is a second chance, and a third, and so on. Rebirth is our chance to “reboot.”  It is a reminder that life can heal after a storm, and not only heal, but regrow healthier and strong in a new way.   It is our way to connect to the source of nature itself. There is no more resilient world than that of nature.  As nature preforms the symphonic cycle of life, so can we learn to heal and move forward to create a beautiful spring in our own lives.

When you take off your shoes and walk in cool grass, you can’t help but feel relaxed. When you see a bird building a nest one cannot help but feel hope in that tiny moment. So in honor of rebirth, Wellness Within will take a morning walk at Folsom Lake. We will give the earth a gift of art that we will create on site, expressing our desires to break free of winter bindings, and rejoice in spring’s new beginnings. We will honor our past stormy battles, and thrive in the coming of the light.

Please join us and celebrate new beginnings.