Meet Marsha Mobley Kilian


Breast Cancer Yoga Instructor

Marsha Mobley KilianMarsha has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and is a registered yoga instructor. She received additional training to provide specialized yoga for breast cancer clients through Exclusive Yoga’s “Yoga Breast Cancer Recovery & Beyond” program in Boston. A survivor herself, Marsha’s first became aware of the need for this type of program as she attempted to return to yoga classes after surgery. There she faced challenges that were unfamiliar to the instructor and needed specific resources to enable a safe return to her practice.

Her classes provide a gentle recovery from breast cancer through the use of specific and adapted posture sequences, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. The non-verbal support of practicing in a peer group also provides healing energy.

The benefits of this mind-body practice are immense, but what keeps Marsha hooked on providing these classes is the immediate change she has seen in clients. Watching a tense, withdrawn, and angry or sad woman transform into a relaxed and calm individual who is present in the moment is pure joy. Marsha likes to say that, “Teaching yoga is really just a hands-on opportunity to love other people.”

Marsha offers private yoga and intimate group sessions at her home studio as well as small group classes at Wellness Within - Breast Cancer Yoga.