Embrace your Creativity with an Open Heart


Gayla's_artWhen a child sits and paints a picture for you, you instantly love it. You embrace that precious piece of paper, and sing their praise. The child has painted from an open heart. There is no internal judgement or shame, just pure joy and delight. The moment was expressed live and “in the now,” as we call it. That moment of being present, or in the now, is what we wish to capture in the expressive painting done in our work at Wellness Within’ s therapeutic art classes. There is no planned composition, lists of color requirements, or pre-sketches. There are no previous art classes required. One sits and breathes in, casting off the energy of daily life, and reaches deep. Reaching for that inner source (or spirit), we begin a dialogue.

This type of painting is a dialogue of color, and movement, and often has no form. The painting is the end result of a dance between you and your source. This will never be something for our intellect to judge, but for our hearts to read. Often the message is from the unconscious self. Our bodies have layers of wisdom our minds can’t comprehend. When we move out of intellect, and begin to paint from our pure source, the paintings are little poems from our body. They become little mirrors of knowledge our egos have denied us. They are precious paintings from the open heart, and the wealth of this is not to be measured.

December 21 is your chance to see some of this treasured work, as well as the other offerings from Wellness Within. So please join us and experience an evening of music, art, and the healing environment of Wellness Within!