Leap of Faith


Life is an unpredictable journey with twists and turns unexpectedly changing our best-laid plans.  Sometimes we have to accept change and sometimes we have to force change; both require a leap of faith and belief in ourselves. The look on my husband’s face the day I told him, that I wanted to train to be a Hypnotherapist has burned into my memory, a look of disbelief, sarcasm and then concern. Like many people, his first impression was of stage hypnosis with people clucking like chickens. I had some explaining to do.

For me, practicing hypnotherapy has always been about helping people to understand how much control we have over our mind and body. We hold the ability to improve healing outcomes, through positive expectation and awareness of the mind-body connection. Again, that belief in oneself, that inner strength we hold unexplored, that leap of faith.  Hypnotherapy is not making someone do something out of control and outrageous.  Hypnotherapy is helping people to understand the control they have to heal mentally and physically.

My husband, always responsible and practical minded, began discussing my business plan.  How do you plan a leap of faith? The pull to follow your heart? The expectation of making a difference in the lives of people you have never met? On which line do you put ‘Live Life with Wild Abandon?'

My leap of faith: leaving a comfortable but unfulfilling job to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist without a proper business plan, following the gravitational pull toward where I felt I needed to be. To find where I belong, to find my heart and feel my breath, to be comfortable in my own skin.  When I began this journey, I truly did not know how long it would take or where it would end. However, through a giant leap of faith and extraordinary good fortune, I have somewhat crash-landed at Wellness Within, a place that feels like home, where finding your breath and heart are the first step. I have finally found where I belong.


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