Hope is the beliefThat one hand reaching to another Can eventually touch the moon, Allowing the light to guide us through the night. By Nicholas Mazza

I’ve been a part of Wellness Within for 2 years. The thing I appreciate most about Wellness Within is that it offers a sense of hope. Not false hope that makes everything go away, but the kind of hope that springs from the truth of your own experience. There is room there to say the words you need to say and to feel the feelings that are hidden in the chest. There is a blackboard where you can write your fears, and they will be erased that night, making space for what tomorrow may bring. There is a magnetic board of words, where you can make poetry and express yourself.

I also love the quality of the people who seek us out. There is a level of acceptance and acknowledgment of having cancer that feels unique. It seems that people are choosing to be healthy in spite of their diagnosis and they give inspiration as well as seeking it.

There is journaling, yoga, painting, meditation, nature walks, guidance for healthy eating, and group processing; all designed to give you a feeling of support as you go through a difficult time. These things have all been shown to improve health, healing, and quality of life.

In the yoga classes, I find such a sweet sense of relaxation and repose in my students. People come from all over to get in touch with themselves and slow down the busy demands of their lives. We breathe and stretch, exploring the tired body, looking for places of opening as well as blocked energy. We get down to basic spinal movements, which is the foundation of yoga. We release fear, laugh, and smooth out the rough spots in our day.

It’s an honor to be among such inspiring people and I invite you to come and meet us all. We’ll be at the Flower Farm on April 19th for our fundraiser. We’ll be the ones reaching our hands out to you.


photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc