Be the Difference in Your Health


by Diana Giuliani Once you’ve been personally affected by cancer and have come out on the other side, it’s a journey that you never care to repeat. Consciously or unconsciously you hope that your cancer is gone - FOREVER. Then one day you wake up and your energy is low, or you feel out of sorts, or there’s an odd pain or something unusual happening in your body that wasn’t there yesterday. It’s hard not to wonder “Oh NO - is my cancer back?”

I had such an episode a little over a week ago. I was experiencing a very strange phenomenon inside my mouth. It started out with an odd kind of bubbly roughness on the roof of my mouth. My gums became extremely tender and there were a few isolated spots that felt especially inflamed. My tongue felt thick and was ultra-sensitive to many foods especially ones that were acidic. And not surprisingly, a couple of lymph glands at the back of my jaw were swollen and tender. This went on for several days and I have to admit, my “worry cord” was triggered. With each passing day I kept waiting for my immune system to kick into high gear and take care of this unwelcomed drama that was going on in my body. Since my cancer diagnosis two years ago I’ve been taking especially good care of my body and I’ve been uber healthy as a result, so this little mini-series taking place in my mouth had me questioning my body’s capability of handling it. I ultimately realized, just as I did when I was first given my diagnosis, that I had to UP MY GAME in order to completely support and strengthen my immune system.

As many of the people that attend my Foods to Nourish class can tell you, I’m one who walks my talk and I was definitely getting a sign that I had to pay even closer attention to my diet and lifestyle if I wanted to take care of this pesky situation. So what did I do?? I started by increasing my intake of green juices and smoothies. I drank plenty of alkalized water. I ate something green with every meal. I exercised daily. I jogged every day for at least 5 minutes and finished my showers by fluctuating between warm and cold water (approximately 15 seconds of both temperatures, 3-4 times), in order to stimulate my lymphatic system. I went to bed early. I laughed every day and most importantly, I visualized a healthy body. Within about 6 days my symptoms began to fade. After it was all said and done, I was left with the most interesting results. My gums were silky smooth and the tissue on the roof of my mouth was almost slippery. I can’t think of a time that I’ve ever had that experience. It was a bit like the bright pink smooth fresh skin that appears after you’ve sloughed the blistery layer that’s been badly sunburned. I welcomed it with a smile and could hardly keep from running my tongue over my gums numerous times throughout the day.

I’m not sure I’ll ever really know what caused this incident. Possibly some dental work I had done about a month ago. However, from this experience I was reminded that when I support my body in the best possible ways through diet, lifestyle and visualization, I can trust my immune system to do what it’s designed to do….. and that is to heal from the inside out.

I encourage you to make the best choices you can possibly make every single day in order to Take Care of YOU!!  It can BE the difference.

In love and health, Diane