An Invitation to Let Go


It called to me. You know, that drawer, closet or room that beckons a purge, a sorting through of what no longer makes sense to keep.  I’m antsy, perhaps preparing for change. After all, as I mentioned in last month’s blog post, I had been pausing.  It’s been brewing. Rumblings. Rethinking. Recharging.

A closet. An opportunity?  I don’t know about you but I always feel “lighter” when I sort, purge, thin out and let go of “stuff.”  Stuff.  We all know the symbolism of getting rid of the “stuff” we hold onto.  I started with the clothes, simple right? The old ASU sweatshirt from when we won the Rose Bowl in 1987; seriously? Oh it gets better, actually, quite humorous but I won’t bore you. The treasure was still lurking, I just knew there was something more I could do to “clear out” the clutter.

Then. There she was, an old beat up box, approximately 2 ½ ft by 1 ½ ft, my treasure! Actually, I lovingly call it my memory box. Over 20 plus years of what I once thought I should hold onto so as to remember.

Imagine now your box if you were to have one, consisting of cards, letters, mementos. Fun? Well, maybe fun is too strong.

Enlightening?  Indeed! Somehow, an old journal made its way into this box. It was only a third full of writing. Oh, but those words, from 16 years ago, spoke volumes.

Remember, I said I was feeling antsy, readying myself for change? Those heart felt words written so long ago provided great insight to familiar themes, dogma that still cast a haunting shadow today.

Eureka! Treasure indeed. Sometimes, I think we all need that little nudge or perhaps in some cases, shove, to leap where your heart flutters a bit more.

I often encourage people to examine the “stuff” in their lives that keep them fearful, sick, stuck, disbelieving in themselves. Since opening Wellness Within, I have had the honor to journey with many who have shared that cancer provided a gateway to re-examine their lives, purge and sort through who they are, what they want and what is most important.

Luckily for me, my impetus was a closet, a box and an old journal. I discovered an important piece of what I need to further my dream for Wellness Within. I found treasure of the best kind. I received a light bulb moment, an opportunity to re-examine and freedom.

Change is in the air. Stay tuned


What about you? What are you holding onto?  What do you need to let go of to make room for renewal, change and freedom?