The Beauty and Simplicity of Gentle Yoga

Imagine waking up in the morning to a sense of relaxed presence. You notice your breath flowing in and out. As you open your eyes, you take a luxurious stretch with your arms, legs, and back, then let go and rest awhile. No hurry, no worries, no goals for the moment. All of your fears and concerns are in the background, not yet a part of your waking life. In this brief time, you know that all is well. You’ve just done yoga!  With a bit of intention and some learned skills, you can create a feeling of ease and relaxation any time, no matter what’s going on in your life. It’s so simple and that’s what makes yoga so powerful.

However, when you aren’t feeling well, this may sound like a place you just can’t get to, and when you are feeling well, it seems there just isn’t enough time to lie around and stretch. I’ve taught yoga to many people in many phases of their lives. For people who are experiencing cancer, they find themselves in a hard place. It’s challenging to find peace when you feel sick from chemotherapy and when you wake up with uncertainty of what each moment will bring. It’s scary to feel so exhausted that you can’t imagine getting out of bed, much less exercising. Thankfully, the tools of yoga are designed to help move a person from a place of difficulty to renewed possibility. You may feel groggy from medication or lack of sleep. The steady breathing practice can awaken the brain and bring more clarity. You may be afraid to move and set up a feeling of pain in the body. The slow stretches and careful spinal movements increase circulation and relieve tight muscles. You may be fearful about the future. The gentleness of yoga can bring you into the here and now, where you can let go of worry for a time. The beauty of yoga is that it’s a process that can be molded to fit you in your life, with just enough movement, deep breathing, or meditation that you need. When I work with someone, there’s a sense of relief that something so simple can result in feeling so good.

According to author Stephen Cope, “Yoga is probably the most perfect form of exercise. It tunes up every organ system – respiratory, digestive, reproductive, endocrine, lymphatic and nervous. It cultivates the body’s capacity to relax and dramatically reduces the negative effects of stress. With regular yoga practice, we breathe better. We sleep better. We digest our food better. We feel better. We may even begin to recover from chronic illness. The benefits of yoga are immediate; it’s a very practical endeavor.”

For those who have practiced yoga, we know how true those statements are. What is also true for me, as a teacher, is the beautiful relaxation on the faces of my students when they rise up at the end of a yoga class. I know that deep rest and healing have happened on many levels.

It would be my great pleasure to help you explore your wellness through yoga.

I’m offering 4 complimentary sessions for a one-on-one, hour-long yoga consultation to anyone participating in a Wellness Within group. Please contact me before May 20, at or by phone (530)885-6821 to set up your private class.