Having the Talk

“Honey, Mommy has,…”  No, too abrubpt.Kicking Cancers Bum “You know how I keep having to go to the doctor?  Well,…”  Too forced.

“So what would you think of __________ as your new mommy?”  Just wrong at the moment and very confusing.

For over two years, Tyler and I avoided having “the talk” with the boys because it just never seemed like the right time.  They were too young.  I was well again.  My hair actually became a style — until I lost it a second time.  As the years passed, they grew.  They heard more, were more aware.  Then finally they presented the opportunity.

Friday, February 3, 2012:  Some dear friends were watching the boys while I was having a rare pity party.  They came home after Bridesmaids and the bottle of wine, but during the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, a documentary during which two men lose gobs and gobs of weight while juicing.  Interesting.  Just after the part when the commentator emphasizes how eating healthy greatly reduces one’s chances of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, the boys turned to me and stated, “Mommy, you eat healthy and exercise, but you still got cancer.”

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