Crabby about Cancer: a Recap

Patti Brown Crabby about CancerWhat an incredible first fundraising event for Wellness Within.  We had over 200 people and everyone was blown away about the grounds, the venue and the 70 plus incredible silent auction items. Upon guests arriving, there was a harpist from our partners, MPIH, playing lovely music as the guests checked in, and an offering of  champagne as they entered (donated  from Domaine Chandon).  The food vendors & wineries were equally as excited to be there which provided for an incredible, passion filled event.  One of our mind body medicine group participants Dr. Shannon Maveety, spontaneously asked to if she could speak to the crowd to tell them of her life changing experience from her participation in the mind body medicine group. It was so powerful, it brought everyone to tears (including me). We played Martina McBrides  music video, "I'll love you through it", which had an emotional impact on the crowd.

I ended by asking the crowd to raise their hands if they or someone they know or love has or had cancer........Almost 100% of the audience raised their hands. Then, I invited them to look around the crowd...after a minute I responded "enough said!" People said it was a stunning realization.

Thank you all for those who attended and for the vendors who donated to help make the event such a great success!

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