Our Programs



Experience serenity. Our ongoing meditation and iRest classes offer those with cancer, after cancer, and support persons learn tools to effectively manage pain, stress, moods, fatigue, sleep and overall well-being. The six-week Mind Body Skills class is an introductory series that teaches mindfulness practices in a small group setting. Walk away from these classes feeling relaxed, and equipped with mindfulness techniques to address stressors brought by cancer.


Healing Movement

Feel how movement can profoundly heal trauma to the mind and body. Movement strengthens and supports almost every system in our bodies, enabling optimal healing. Putting your body in motion helps you release tension, clear stress, combat fatigue, and reconnect with your body. Classes are adaptive to varying energy levels suitable for all participants.


Therapeutic art

Explore verbal and nonverbal languages of your soul through creative media. Collaging, painting, writing, drawing, music, dance and knitting bring emotional release and self-awareness, leading us to be more emotionally available, and experience reductions in anxiety, stress, fear, fatigue and pain. Enjoy expressive arts in a non-judgmental environment focused on discovery and joy.


nutrition & Cooking

Discover how nutrition can boost your immune system and support optimal energy and health. We focus on strategies to reduce risk of cancer development or growth, address side-effects of chemotherapy, manage your diet after diagnosis, all without sacrificing taste. Classes may include a healthy meal or a live demonstration of food prep methods.