Our Instructors

John Brewer - Qigong

John has been studying and practicing qigong for ten years and teaching for the past five. He is a lifelong educator, versed in making learning effective and fun. He creates a safe, engaging environment through his practice of compassionate communication and empathy. John emphasizes safety and accessibility, teaching modifications based on what is workable for class participants. Almost everything he teaches can be done sitting as well as standing.

John is a lover of music and poetry. He enjoys spreading the Qi (“Chi”) through verse and he begins each class with a positive-themed song, which is used to begin movement and sharing. 

John has been trained in, and will draw from, two systems: Wisdom Healing Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu, and Integral Qigong with Roger Jahnke. Should you wish to explore these two very compatible paths you are invited to examine the following websites:  www.chicenter.com or www.instituteofintegralqigongandtaichi.org  He is honored to offer qigong instruction at Wellness Within and looks forward to serving those who are interested in giving qigong a try.

Adrian Carrera - YogA

Adrian has been practicing yoga since 2013 and teaching since 2015.  Yoga has become an important part of his daily life.   He believes in yoga as a moving form of meditation that heightens one’s awareness to the present.  By doing this he feels able to release from life’s daily stress.  “Yoga has become a way to help clear my mind for new creative endeavors and pathways.  I believe in the practice as a way to check in with oneself, while embracing the change that each unique day has to offer.”  Adrian enjoys practice and teaching experiences that create a strong mind-body connection through breath and movement.  When not practicing Adrian is probably playing guitar, listening to music, and rocking out for Happiness!

“I look forward to seeing you on the mat! Namaste.”

Kerin Gould, PhD. - Farm to Fork

Kerin Gould, PhD. is originally from Massachusetts, but has lived in Japan, Spain, Italy, and Mexico for long enough to learn about many of their diverse, healthy dishes and to collect and adapt many recipes. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Health and a PhD. in Native American Studies, with an emphasis on worldviews and community development. She has worked with food-related non-profits such as Alchemist CDC and Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and taught a high school Farm to Fork program, but eventually focused on developing her own sustainable, non-toxic, wildlife-friendly farm and exploring a new way to connect vibrant fruit and veggies and those who strive to enhance their health with farm-fresh produce.

Iram Kahn - Yoga & irest®

Iram is an iRest® instructor and a registered yoga teacher.

Iram loves to teach iRest classes to people who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety and stress. Living a busy life herself, she once wondered how, in today’s hectic world, does one find and achieve deep relaxation when it is needed most? The answer came to her when she personally experienced and benefited from iRest/yoga Nidra. That led her to explore and study this meditative practice of conscious sleep. She has come to the conclusion that if we can unwind our mind, we can heal our body.

Iram loves to spend time with her family and friends. She loves animals, nature, camping and hiking. She listens to world music and likes to travel, explore and appreciate diverse cultures. Her favorite words are “breathe, relax, smile and enjoy….”

Lindsay Parkinson, Art Therapist, LMFT - Art THerapy

Lindsay Parkinson is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Board-Certified Art Therapist, and Artist.  Her work is dedicated to creating trusted relationships and space for the process of narrating one’s story. Therapeutic Art, taught by an Art Therapist, can help us heal the split between our body and mind, our inner experiences and outer experiences.  It is an image-based process which is perfect for times when it is hard to put thoughts and feelings into words. Making art with others on a similar journey can provide much needed relief.

Lindsay graduated with her MA from Notre Dame de Namur University for both Marriage Family Therapy and Art Therapy, after having received her BA from San Francisco State University in Child & Adolescent Development, Youth & Family Services.  Traditional talk therapy combined with art therapy is the primary focus of her work, utilizing Narrative, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Problem-Solution Focused, and Family System theories. Lindsay is a Bay Area Native, and before starting her Sacramento area practice; Art & Soul Therapy, she worked in community-based programs with both adults and teens.

Lori Penery, LCSW - Navigating Caregiving

It is a pleasure to join the Wellness Within team! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and have focused my career on working with patients and their families. The last 5 years of my social work career, I worked at Kaiser Permanente, in the Oncology department. I retired in the Fall of 2018, and promised that I would return to the field of counseling, supporting and educating the community members as a volunteer at Wellness Within. It is an honor to be here.

Jan Webb - Meditation Facilitator

Jan has worked the past 20 years in the health and wellness field. She holds a certification from U.C. Berkeley in the Power of Awareness taught by Jack Kornfield and Sara Brach, two leading authorities in the subject of meditation. She enjoys continuing her education in meditation and mindfulness and as a result she holds certifications from the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and is certified as a Chair Yoga instructor, as well a Level 1 iRest teacher, certified by the Institute of Integrative Restoration in San Rafael. 

Jan has experienced the fear that a cancer diagnosis causes, not just with herself and her family, but also with her clientele. She has personally experienced the benefits of meditation and self-exploration. as well as teaching meditation and chair yoga in Roseville, CA. Jan believes the practice of meditation plays a crucial role in understanding ourselves, which enables us to live healthier and happier lives.

Susan Whitaker, MS - Certified Yoga Instructor

There are certain things that are essential to living a healthy, happy, meaningful life. Susan believes that yoga is one of them and had dedicated her life to sharing it with others. She has taught and practiced yoga for over 45 years. Susan specializes in adapting basic yoga poses to fit individual bodies and includes mindfulness, breathing, and concentration to connect a person more deeply to themselves. She approaches yoga in a gentle way and creates a class around who is present. She takes suggestions about what people need on any given day and weaves them together for a more inclusive experience. Susan establishes a safe atmosphere and encourages a sense of community for the class, even within personal exploration. Through breathing techniques, laughter, philosophy, poetry, and reverence, her classes are designed to give her students an accessible life skill that will serve them in their daily lives.

Terri Wolf, RN, MS, OCN- Survivorship & Writing Instructor

An experienced oncology nurse, Terri Wolf, RN, MS, OCN, has a passion for supporting cancer patients through treatment and beyond. She has worked in pediatric oncology, adult infusion, radiation and as a consultant to community cancer centers. For many years, Terri facilitated a Writing as Healing Program at Sutter Health and the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. Currently, Terri works at the U.C. Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center managing a support program for cancer patients.