Board of Directors

Dave Brown – Intel Corporation (Retired) – President/Chairman
Bill Walters, MBA – Crossroads (Retired) –Vice Chairman
Deena Math Spann – Koinonia Family Services –Treasurer
Laura Caravello – CalPERS (Retired) –Secretary
Susan Binon – Forest Charter School
Bridget Halvorson, J.D. – Food Service Insurance Managers
Patricia Marquez – Sutter Health Foundation (Retired); Patricia Marquez Consulting
Patty McElwain – Ascent Builders

Professional Advisory Board

Dr. Balazs I. Bodai, M.D., F.A.C.S. – Breast Cancer Survivorship Institute
Dr. Julie Hersch, MD – Kaiser Permanente (Retired)
Dr. Lisa Law, M.D. – Kaiser Permanente
Dr. Kristie Bobolis, M.D. – Sutter Health
Rebecca Katz, MS - Chef, Author, Educator & Culinary Translator
Sarah Dillon, MS – Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Professional